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There are many details in providing quality care and running a patient-centered organization. One detail, daily rounding, we hear directly from the patient what is most important to them. This allows the hospital to recognize a job well-done and pinpoint areas where we can improve.

See what our patients are saying about us!

  1. “Heather is very nice.”
  2. “Housekeeper came in and was very busy, she did a good job.”
  3. “Doctors are really nice and explain everything to you.”
  4. “Ruth the RD is very nice and knowledgeable.”
  5. “John the nurse is extremely polite and helpful.”
  6. “Dr. Juda, John RN, Whitney RN, Rose, Lydia were all wonderful.”
  7. “Debra and Wanda and Carmen were great nurses; treated me like they would their own.”
  8. “Debra saved my life.”
  9. “David was good.”
  10. “John, my nurse, was super great and sat down with me and explained what’s going on.”
  11. “Diana in the second floor is very nice and helpful.”
  12. “Marilyn and Nichole were really sweet to me. They came every time I called, the second I called.”
  13. “Evelyn from second shift yesterday was very pleasant and seemed as if she really enjoyed her job, had a positive attitude, and was friendly.”
  14. “David RN did a great job.”
  15. “Andrina my nurse today did a good job.”