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Financial Assistance

Lehigh Regional Medical Center understands that paying for emergency or other medically necessary medical care can be difficult, particularly for patients who lack health insurance. As part of our commitment to our patients, we provide financial assistance to patients who are underinsured or uninsured and who satisfy certain requirements. Our Financial Counselors work hard to help patients address their financial responsibilities, and they will help you find financial solutions that can help cover your cost of care.

The Lehigh Regional Medical Center Financial Assistance Program applies to uninsured or underinsured patients who come to our facilities for emergency or other medically necessary treatment. This program provides financial relief to patients who qualify based on a comparison of their financial resources and/or income to Federal Poverty Level guidelines. To qualify for assistance, patients will be asked to complete a Financial Assistance Application. If you have questions regarding our program or application, please call 239-368-4406.

Billing and Collection Policy

Please be aware that each time you seek services at Lehigh Regional Medical Center, a bill will be generated for your care. It is possible to have multiple bills for multiple instances of care. If you provide us with insurance information, your insurance company will be billed as a service to you. We submit benefit claims to your insurance company if all required information and authorization is provided. You are responsible for deductibles, co-insurance and any items not paid by insurance. Please contact your insurance company to determine your cost sharing responsibilities.

A claim will be sent to your insurance company shortly after your services are complete. After your insurance company receives the claim, the insurance company may contact you for additional information. Please respond to your insurance company’s correspondence as quickly as possible so their payment is not delayed. After your insurance company pays Lehigh Regional Medical Center, we will provide you with information about any amount you may still owe. Please keep in mind that your policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. If you did not follow your insurance plan’s terms, they may not pay for all or part of your care.

Our collection process includes monthly notices until the account balance is resolved or placed with an external collection agency that has agreed to comply with Florida State Laws and regulations for the collection of patient debt. It is important for the hospital and the patient to work together to solve payment issues. If you have questions or would like to inquire about a payment plan, please contact our Patient Financial Services Department at 239-368-4407.

Physician Billing Information

Patients cared for at Lehigh Regional Medical Center may receive services from physicians or other medical providers, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, or other specialists. You will receive separate bills from these physicians or medical providers. Please contact the office listed on your bill directly should you have questions concerning their bill.

Charity Care & Discounted Payment Program

Patients who lack insurance or have inadequate insurance and meet certain low- and moderate-income requirements may qualify for the discounted payment program or charity care. Please contact Lehigh Regional Medical Center’s Patient Financial Services Department for assistance at 239-368-4407.

Pricing Transparency Information

At Lehigh Regional Medical Center, our goal is to provide patients with high quality care and the best possible hospital experience, from registration through discharge. We know that understanding billing, insurance, and medical records may seem overwhelming at times. To make this process more transparent and help patients understand their personal out-of-pocket responsibility, the hospital provides the following information:

State of Florida Health Care Pricing Website

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) focuses on providing Floridians with access to affordable, quality health care. AHCA maintains a pricing website that provides information on payments made to hospitals for defined service bundles and procedures.

The ACHA pricing website is located at:

The information found on the AHCA pricing website is non-personalized, which means it is not a specific, personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by a patient for anticipated services. Actual costs incurred by a patient will be based on services actually provided to a patient.

Price Transparency

Pricing Resources

Estimate My Cost

Lehigh Regional Medical Center wants to make the billing process as simple as possible for you. Determine how much a service or procedure might cost by exploring our interactive estimator tool.

Standard Charges

The standard charges provided on this website are not a guarantee of what you will be charged or the amount you will owe. Your actual charges may be different from the standard charges for many reasons including, but not limited to, the seriousness of your medical condition, your physician’s treatment decisions, your health care needs, and the services you receive. Additionally, these standard charges do not include charges for all the items and services provided by the hospital. Some pharmacy items, supplies, and other items and services do not have standard charges. These standard charges do not include any physician charges (e.g., office visits, surgeon fees, anesthesiologist fees, emergency room physician fees, radiologist fees, pathologist fees, or other consulting physician fees, etc.). Please consult with your health plan if you need help understanding your benefits. If you have insurance or other health care coverage, your benefits will determine the amount you owe.

By clicking ‘view our standard charges’ below, you accept the above disclaimer agreement and acknowledge that if you obtain health care services, the amount you will be required to pay may be different from the standard charges provided on this web page.

Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

To learn more about your rights and protections against surprise medical bills, click here.