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There are many details in providing quality care and running a patient-centered organization. One detail, daily rounding, we get to hear directly from the patient what is most important to them. This allows the hospital to recognize a job well-done and pinpoint areas where we can improve.

See what our patients are saying about us!

“Dr. Lomas and Dr. El Gendy are wonderful.”

“Tiffany the PA in the ER was great.”

“Dr Rodriguez was excellent.”

“Dr Richardson was nice.”

“Karina in the emergency room was very attentive.”

“Dawn is a great nurse.”

“Latoya is always checking on me.”

“Ori was very attentive to my needs.”

“Sonia, Karlene, Jackie, and Abby were great nurses.”

“Joe and Randy both were very essential in helping me through a difficult situation.”

“Anthony, my nurse, is really good.”

“Cardiology PA, Richard, went above and beyond explaining everything. He really has great bedside manner.”

“Evet, she is so kind and helpful.”

“Greg from Radiology was great and got me some food.”

“Rose the aide was very sweet and helped me get comfortable from my pain.”

“Dr. Diaz has a wonderful bedside manner.”

“Irene and Kerry, RN’s went beyond what I expected.”

“Joe, my nurse has been very helpful.”

“Glenny is always nice and listens to you.”

“Glenny the nurse is very nice.”

“I like my nurse last night Helen, I got the most information out of her.”

“Dr. Diaz took great time to make sure I understood everything.”

“Hilda and Ori are great.”

“Marilyn my nurse last night was great.”

“Lesleen really listened to me, it was nice to be heard.”

“John is a great nurse.”

“Jason the RN was great, he treated her like a very important person.”

“Kerry was very good.”

“Irene was great today.”

“My nurse Irene is very pleasant.”

“John has been so helpful.”

“Rose Jean Baptiste has been controlling things pretty good and helping me walk.”

“Kim, my nurse, is awesome.”

“Dr. Juda is really keeping me up to date.”

“Natalie has been very caring.”

“My nurse Betsy is great.”

“Sabrina Ferguson: Thank you for all the diabetic information and teaching.”

“Betsy Cesani: The “nicest nurse” ever. Always explains everything and answers tons of


“Sherri Rhoades: An awesome ICU nurse.”

“John downstairs made me feel comfortable kept me informed.”

“Camela is an excellent nurse.”

“Jackie from Nursing was great, she was very helpful.”

“Betsy, my nurse, has been attentive and has made sure I was comfortable.”

“Rose gave me an extra blanket.”

“Roman in Respiratory was great, very responsive.”

“Nurse Irene is wonderful.”

“Ramone from Respiratory, and Camela from Nursing: they are both gems!”

“Irene and Jackie from nursing were great.”

“Betsy and Rose did a great job.”

“Camela and Lydia are really nice.”

“John was great, excellent job with my IV.”

“Pauline is such a nice caregiver, thanks.”

“Natalie is so sweet.”

“Tammy from respiratory therapy gave me total education because I was confused about COPD.”

“Sonia is helpful.”

“Kerry last night was constantly checking on me making sure I was comfortable.”

“Surgeon, Dr. Kopadakis was wonderful he called my son to let him know what was going on.”

“Dr. Finn has really informed me of everything.”

“Dr. Diaz is very nice.”

“Camela is so caring!”