ER Wait Time | Door To Provider: 6 minutes | If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

There are many details in providing quality care and running a patient-centered organization. One detail, daily rounding, we get to hear directly from the patient what is most important to them. This allows the hospital to recognize a job well-done and pinpoint areas where we can improve.

See what our patients are saying about us!

“Karline is always talking to me.”

“Betsy was exceptional.”

“Hilda, RN has explained everything very well.”

“Whitney, RN in PCU was great.”

“CNA Ori is wonderful. She is very eager to assist, and she is always very pleasant.”

“Irene was good and explains everything to you.”

“Dr. Rodriquez was great, he explained everything in detail to my wife and I.”

“CNA Jackie was terrific. She was always checking to see if I was OK, and if I needed anything. She brought that little extra something.”

“Irene was an exceptional nurse, and I very much appreciated her care and hard work.”

“Sonya is a wonderful nurse.”

“Anthony, RN was wonderful.”

“Your hospital saved my life, thank you.”

“Clover has been so good to always be here for me.”

“Jason, Abbe, and Juan have been so patient with all my questions.”

“Dr. Juda is doing everything. He had really explained everything to me.”

“Gami was so kind, I enjoyed talking to him.”

“Joe from the lab was incredible you don’t want to let him get away.”

“Ori was so caring and did so much for me.”

“Diana the secretary is very nice and responsive when you need help.”

“Dr. Joseph was very nice and explained all I need to know.”

“Latoya has made me feel very safe.”

“Dr. Juda has answered all our questions.”

“I would recommend Michelle’s case management.”

“Dr. Joseph is exceptional.”

“Latoya, she really stepped up to help me when things got bad.”

“Adam, from the ED, was awesome.”

“Carrie, RN last night was very knowledgeable.”

“Nurse Natalie is really on the ball.”

“Dr. Richardson is my doctor and he keeps my medication straight.”

“Dr Kopidakis and Finn were terrific and straight with me.”

“Dr. Richardson was really cordial and knowledgeable.”

“Adam and Joann were great staff from ED got blood.”

“Marilyn and Carmen made me feel welcomed and important.”

“Whitney and Shaz were incredible great attitude and had things under control and treated me as

a patient.”

“Abbe is wonderful.”

“Dr. Juda is great.”

“Dawn and Evet were very attentive nurses, always checking on me.”

“Dr. Diaz is very nice and listens to you.”

“Paulina night C N A was supportive and positive and washed me up.”

“Karlene was great to me the first night.”

“Camella is great.”

“Dr. Diaz had really educated me on what is going on.”

“Michelle and Joyce that did the stress test made me feel comfortable and were patient with me.”

“Rose, the CNA is a sweetheart.”

“Betsy, RN she is wonderful.”

“Camella was a wonderful nurse she attends to everything and gets things done efficiently.”

“Camella and Kerry are wonderful.”

“Dr. Diaz explained everything.”

“Lily was awesome yesterday.”

“Evelyn day nurse kind and considerate.”

“Pastor Jason is wonderful- just genuinely cares.”

“Sonia was real good always her herself.”

“Rose my CNA is really nice and very helpful, very caring person.”

“Both Juan and John are exceptional nurses, great attitudes.”

“Camela and Danai are exceptional nurses.”

“Karen, RN is really sweet.”

“Dr. Conol was really nice also, he explained everything.”