ER Wait Time | Door To Provider: 46 minutes | If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

There are many details in providing quality care and running a patient-centered organization. One detail, daily rounding, we get to hear directly from the patient what is most important to them. This allows the hospital to recognize a job well-done and pinpoint areas where we can improve.

See what our patients are saying about us!

“Tony is the best at drawing blood.”

“Irene has been great.”

“Dr Rodriguez is thorough, I am impressed.”

“Rose, in ICU, always made me smile.”

“Glenny is wonderful!”

“Ori is so wonderful, she is always there for me.”

“Julie was great, she has such a good personality.”

“Camela and Casey, RNs have been helpful.”

“Casey, RN has been talking to me.”

“Anthony is doing a great job keeping him informed.”

“Karlene, Irene and Kerry were all wonderful went above and beyond they came in and checked on me answered and explained.”

“Dr Rodriguez was very informative.”

“Natalie is a very good nurse.”

“Anthony is a sweetheart.”

“Kerri is so happy go lucky and down to earth, helpful.”

“Andrina is great.”

“Rose is doing a good job.”

“Dr. Rodriguez is one of the best doctors I have ever had.”

“Dr Rodriguez and Dr Richardson are great, they have checked on me.”

“Heather in lab is so careful.”

“Jackie was good, attentive, and friendly.”

“Patient is very happy working with Ruby. He said the physical therapist is excellent.”

“Dr. Diaz has taken care of my pain and he explained everything to me.”

“Nurse Roz and Nurse Juan, they understood us and helped us.”

“Andrina was very helpful and polite.”

“Julio and Natalie and Rose were very good.”

“Evelyn has been great, she is funny.”

“Latoya is nice. She checks on me regularly.”

“Nan from last night was very attentive and happy. She really made the effort to check on me.”

“Rose is very good.”

“Dr. K really seemed to care and he is very thorough.”

“Everybody is very good, Natalie, Betsy, Andrina, Rosa.”

“Dr Victoria comes in daily and tells me why things are happening.”

“Andrina was wonderful.”

“Dr. Victoria is wonderful and very kind.”

“Stephen did cardiology test put my socks on for me and was very nice.”

“Betsy was nice. She took her time with me and explained everything.”

“Gloria is a special lady, I have never met anyone like her. She treated me as if she was my mom.”

“Kim and Evelyn were very nice.”

“Carmen was also nice they walk me through every step before they do it.”

“Evelyn is very good.”

“Dr. Juda and Dr. Richardson are very caring people and keep you informed on everything you need to understand about what’s done.”

“Peter in Radiology has a great attitude and made her laugh.”

“Evelyn was wonderful.”

“Dr. Castillo is great on tell us what’s going on.”

“Rosie was good on 2nd floor.”

“Dr. Diaz is very nice and explains all you need to know.”

“Natali was wonderful, very helpful.”

“Diana, the secretary was very nice.”

“Kerry was engaging, friendly and informative. Big smile on face all the time.”

“Dr. Diaz is very kind and helpful.”