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Specialized Programs

Specialized care and support for chronic and serious conditions

Lehigh Regional Medical Center offers dedicated programs that address the unique needs of specific illnesses and conditions. Each person has different needs during recovery, so our rehabilitation programs include a range of therapies and assistance to ensure patients receive the care and support they need. Therapists also serve as educators to ensure patients, family members and caregivers are well informed and able to meet recovery challenges.

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Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team provides expert, compassionate care and support to address a range of conditions, including:

  • Arthritis – Management therapies incorporate stretching, exercise and pain management techniques to preserve and improve range of motion.
  • Cancer – Recovery strategies focus on helping patients regain strength and endurance.
  • Heart and vascular conditions – Rehabilitation strategies include exercise, diet and education to help patients regain their overall health.
  • Joint replacement – Physical rehabilitation focuses on helping patients regain mobility and return to daily activities.
  • Neurological conditions – Customized therapies are designed to meet the cognitive, physical and emotional needs of each patient. Therapists assist with everything from helping patients re-learn skills to offering compensatory strategies to provide patients with as much independence as possible.
  • Pulmonary conditions – Rehabilitation strategies focus on reducing shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms, as well as building strength and endurance.